CRETA RECYCLING was founded in 1993 by Georgios Stiakakis and was the first company in Crete to deal with paper and plastic recycling.

In 1998, the company’s steering wheel passed into the hands of his son, Deukalion Stiakakis, who, with constant search and presence in the field of recycling, managed to broaden the company’s horizons, so that in 2020 he took over the management of the CSRM (Centre for the Sorting of Recyclable Materials) of Heraklion and the responsibility of sorting and managing the recyclable materials of the two large prefectures of Crete, Heraklion and Lasithi.

creta recycling coule heraklion

After a year of excellent cooperation with these municipalities and the effective management of the Heraklion Waste Management Centre, EEAA has gradually entrusted us with two more Waste Management Centres.

In 2021, the CSRM. Thessaly in Karditsa and in 2022 the CSRM of Larissa.

Experience, knowledge, continuous search, research and important partnerships with major companies in the field of recycling, have brought CRETA RECYCLING to a leading position in the field of sorting and management of recyclable materials in Greece.