PLASTIC as a material is relatively inexpensive, versatile and durable. For this reason, plastic packaging has a dominant role in industrial applications. As a result, plastic waste is constantly increasing globally with dramatic impacts on the environment, natural resources and humans.

The durability of plastic and its shelf life makes it the number one risk of environmental pollution!

Our company receives and manages a wide range of plastic materials for recycling such as: PET – PP – PE – PS – HDPE.

In simple terms, the plastics we receive for recycling are:
• Water bottles, soda bottles, milk bottles, etc.
• shampoo bottles, cleaning fluids and detergents
• yogurt pots, butter cups
• disposable cups, plastic pans and Tupperware,
• plastic carrier bags of all colours (except biodegradable and reusable)
• white wrapping film
• plastic crates of all kinds and colours